Redeem Once a Month

Points can be used Member Special Item

  • Hydroexfoliator: 75pt
  • Forma: 250pt
  • IV Drip: 150pt

*You can use the benefit only once a month.

Special Discount


  • Essential Member? Enjoy a cool 10% off. ?
  • Basic Member? You’ve got a sweet 15% discount waiting. ?
  • Premium Member? Go big with a whopping 20% off! ?

These discounts are our way of showing some love to our loyal members.

Earn points every month

  • Essential: 150 points! ?
  • Basic: 250 points! ?
  • Premium:  500 points! ?

Every month, You’ll receive points automaticlly. And guess what? They never expire!
Stack ’em up and enjoy exclusive benefits!

10% points back on Package purchase

While points can’t be used directly for our package items (I know, bummer!), there’s a silver lining. Every time you snag one of those packages, we’ll throw 10% of those points right back into your account. So, even if you’re spending, you’re still earning! ?

Correct and redeem points

Become a Halo Member and get instant access to clinically-proven beauty treatments and wellness boosts at an irresistible price.

Our specialty cosmetic procedures and wellness therapy services promote youthful beauty and whole body health.

Work with a Halo specialist to customize a maintenance routine that enhances your natural beauty and wellbeing.


How It Works

✔︎Full access to member only pricing
✔︎ 10% Point Back on all packages
✔︎ Products All 10%OFF
✔︎ Get discouted points on special camiapaign (up tp 25%)

Cancel Anytime

Feelin’ the change?
Cancel whenever you want. ?


 Remember, you can freeze your membership once every calendar year. ?❄️

Never lose your point

Never worry about your points expiring. They’ll always be there waiting for you ⏳

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