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Hydroexfoliator (Hydro Technology)

Purify and exfoliate your skin with hydro technology to extract toxins, enhance circulation, nourish your skin, and promote the growth of new, youthful skin cells.

Hydroexfoliator treatments utilize a hydro technology machine that enables complete customization of every beauty procedure. By softly pressurizing a proprietary blend of serum solutions and water into your skin, impurities and surface skin cells are gently lifted. Halo cosmetic specialists then use a specialty wand to remove the extracted impurities and gently exfoliate your skin, for a pure and refreshed appearance.

Express Treatment (25 min)    95
Full Treatment (50 min)          175
Ultimate Treatment            225

What is a Hydroexfoliator treatment?

Hydroexfoliator treatments are performed using a specialty hydro technology machine that purifies your skin by way of a water pressure system.

Do Hydroexfoliator treatments hurt?

No, Hydroexfoliator treatments performed by Halo cosmetic specialists are not painful. Many clients actually report that the beauty treatment feels good!

How often should I have Hydroexfoliator treatments?

The recommended frequency of Hydroexfoliator treatments depends on your skin type. Our specialists will be able to best advise you on the correct frequency for your desired results. We typically advise beginning with more frequent treatments and then incorporating Hydroexfoliator into your monthly beauty regimen.

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