Rapid Result COVID-19 Molecular Test

This new rapid result test is what we’ve been waiting for. It offers all of the same benefits as the traditional nasal swab test, without the discomfort and long waiting period for your results. The rapid response test only requires a mid-nasal cavity swab, which is less invasive and uncomfortable than the traditional deep nasopharyngeal swab test. Our rapid test will tell you if you have an ACTIVE coronavirus infection and if you are contagious — and in under 12 minutes. The molecular test is used to detect actual DNA from the COVID-19 virus. It is highly sensitive, and will be able to detect a virus from the start of exposure to the last few infected days. You’ll get your results immediately instead of waiting at least 48 hours for results from a lab. This test can be done in our private studio or at the convenience of your home or group setting.

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Individual test price:

  • -In-clinic service $150
  • -In-home service $250
  • -Inquire about group and corporate discounts.
  • -Insurance not accepted.

What about antigen & antibody tests? We get it — it’s confusing.

Our device tests for the actual DNA of COVID-19, not the antibodies or antigens, like many other rapid tests currently on the market. Both of these tests deliver rapid results, but are not as accurate as our molecular test.

Testing for antigens detects a protein attached to the virus, and can tell you whether you have an active and contagious infection in just 15 minutes. However, the proteins can not always be detected even if the virus is still active, leaving room for false test results. It is not as sensitive as the molecular test, and therefore may not be able to detect a recently contracted virus, or a recovering infection that still may be contagious. This test is done by nasal swab. 

Antibodies resemble immunity to a virus by detecting antibodies in the blood, and the tests are not used to diagnose for an infection. They can be useful in tracking the spread of a disease, but not diagnosing active infections. Additionally, it is much more likely to have inaccurate results when testing for antibodies. This test is done by blood sample. 

Molecular rapid test can be great for:

  • -Anyone who has been exposed to the virus
  • -Office and corporate settings
  • -Outdoor gatherings
  • -Visiting or being visited
  • -Protecting vulnerable loved ones
  • -Any group setting

no waiting in line

appointment based

results in 15 minutes

accurate results

in clinic or in-home services